Fourteenth Internal SFB Meeting

The Fourteenth Internal Meeting of the SFB Project “Tomography Across the Scales” takes place at Hotel Bergkristall, Wildalpen, Austria, from 3-5 July 2023.

General Information:

  • The workshop is by invitation only.


Kemal Raik (University of Vienna)

List of Participants

ParticipantAssociated InstitutionCountry
Elisabeth BrunnerMedical University of ViennaAustria
Yakun DongUniversity of ViennaAustria
Peter ElbauUniversity of ViennaAustria
Simon HacklRICAMAustria
Fabian Hinterer Johannes Kepler University LinzAustria
Simon HubmerRICAMAustria
Prashin JethwaUniversity of ViennaAustria
Clemens KirisitsUniversity of ViennaAustria
Lisa KrainzMedical University of ViennaAustria
Jaakko KultimaJohannes Kepler University LinzAustria
Montserrat López MartinezTU WienAustria
Noemi NaujoksUniversity of ViennaAustria
Fabian ParzerUniversity of ViennaAustria
Michael QuellmalzTU BerlinGermany
Kemal RaikUniversity of ViennaAustria
Stefanie ReiterUniversity of ViennaAustria
Monika Ritsch-MarteMedical University of InnsbruckAustria
Otmar ScherzerUniversity of ViennaAustria
Gerhard SchützTU WienAustria
Ekaterina SherinaUniversity of ViennaAustria
Cong ShiUniversity of ViennaAustria
Franziska StrasserMedical University of InnsbruckAustria
Christina Ulrike StrohmengerUniversity of ViennaAustria
Leopold VeselkaUniversity of ViennaAustria
Thi Lan Nhi VuUniversity of ViennaAustria
Christian WaldTU BerlinGermany
Jikai YanUniversity of ViennaAustria