Superresolution Microscopy

Single molecule-based super-resolution microscopy

Overlay of a preSTORM and a STORM image of a T cell.

In ultra-high resolution Microscopy (PALM and STORM), we  image biological structures and processes at length scales far below the optical diffraction limit of a few hundred nanometers. In this project we address the technical limitations using (combinations of) new approaches, and we develop new holistic model-based data analysis strategies. We aim to achieve resolution of one nanometer by developing single particle analysis tools in order to make dynamic super-resolution imaging a valid method for studying mobile protein clusters in live cells.

Structural geometry and shape statistics

We construct reconstruction algorithms in ultra-high resolution microscopy for PALM and STORM imaging systems for the analysis of biosystems. Mathematically, the data are different modes of protomers. The techniques used here are methods from shape statistics and denoising. In order to reconstruct the statistics of the geometries of the oligomers in a cell, we have to  take into account their symmetries.

Research Team

From Subproject: Tomography with Uncertainties

University of Vienna Computational Science Center Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 1090 Vienna, Austria
Otmar ScherzerOtmar ScherzerPrincipal Investigator Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics Computational Science Center
Ekaterina SherinaEkaterina SherinaPostdoctoral Researcher

From Subproject: Ultra-high Resolution Microscopy

Vienna University of Technology Institute of Applied Physics – Biophysics Getreidemarkt 9 1060 Vienna, Austria
Gerhard SchützGerhard SchützPrincipal Investigator Professor at the Institute of Applied Physics
Montse LópezMontse LópezPostdoctoral Researcher
Magdalena SchneiderMagdalena SchneiderPhD student