Preprint Series of the SFB

Peter Elbau, Leonidas Mindrinos, and Leopold Veselka Quantitative OCT reconstructions for dispersive media SFB Report No. 5, July 2019
Peter Elbau, Monika Ritsch-Marte, Otmar Scherzer, and Denise Schmutz Inverse Problems of Trapped Objects SFB Report No. 4, June 2019
Radu Boţ, Guozhi Dong, Peter Elbau, and Otmar Scherzer Convergence Rates of First and Higher Order Dynamics for Solving Linear Ill-posed Problems SFB Report No. 3, December 2018
Clemens Kirisits and Otmar Scherzer A range condition for polyconvex variational regularization SFB Report No. 2, March 2018
Alexander Beigl, Peter Elbau, Kamran Sadiq, and Otmar Scherzer Quantitative Photoacoustic Imaging in the Acoustic Regime using SPIM SFB Report No. 1, March 2018